A few of you already know how important this film is to me and at last I have a short essay to share.


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TONY MANERO (2008) – Directed by Pablo Larrain

This, the first film of what is now termed ‘The Chilean Trilogy’ by Larrain, is a riveting examination of what it is to be ambitious to such an extent that the lives of others hold no worth to the protaganist.

Raul, played by Alfredo Castro who appears in all three of the films, is obsessed by the character of Tony Manero in ‘Saturday Night Fever’, and aspires not just to imitate him but to become him. He leads a small, amateur dance troupe which performs in a café/bar to a few admirers of his ‘art‘. Raul is disinterested in the other members of the group (a mother, Cony, her daughter, Pauli, and Pauli’s boyfriend, Goya), except when they showcase his ‘talent’ and this is paramount. He is a cold character who is strangely desired by Cony and Pauli…

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Some of you may already know that I am dipping my toe into the world of the written word with my chosen subject being film. I do hope you find some time to take a peek and join me in chats. Au revoir mes enfants


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THE LOOK OF SILENCE (2014) – Directed by Joshua Oppenheimer

Whilst I had been vaguely aware of the military coup which took place in Indonesia in 1965, I never had any real knowledge or understanding of what exactly occurred. You know, another coup another country – we shrug and we move on but this film, which follows on from the astounding ‘The Act of Killing’ by the same director and which deals with the same issues but from a different perspective, demonstrates the importance of showing the world what does take place in such times. The gifted directors and writers do so in multiple ways, harnessing both fiction and documentary styles to deliver their message to their audience. Some films are made for very specific groups but ‘The Look of Silence’ is made for us all.

We follow Adi, a 44 year old Indonesian optometrist, whose…

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Hope you join me on my viewing journey and have suggestions of films I have yet to hear of or consider!


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Welcome to my new blog and I hope you are going to find some treasures here and offer up the same to me over the coming weeks/months/years.

Mark and I are avid film watchers, whether it be at home or at the cinema or at film festivals, and we spend an enormous amount of time in the worlds of film makers whose work offers us the opportunity of re-examining our beliefs through a variety of lenses.

At the beginning of this year I said that I would keep a record of every film we watched and Mark suggested that one way to do this would be to record the titles on a blog and then perhaps write about a film which held a particular resonance. And so here begins:


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