The colours the two young women are wearing first caught my eye, followed by their amazing shoes (really, you can walk in those?), and then their perfectly made up beautiful young faces. From Halifax, they had decided to spend the day in Bradford and I am so glad they did because they made me smile.

10 thoughts on “SUN SHINES ON BEAUTY

    1. And ‘strutting their stuff’ too. They were delightful young women.

      Like your site – Pressganged indeed. Had trouble trying to add likes but will revisit and try again.

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting.

    1. Yes both girls are Muslim, as are many in this area, as well as Sikhs, Hindus, et al. I think their outfits say so much about them – respect to their faith but mixing it up. I love Bradford for its multi-cultural community and you see all from the most devout to those who are adopting some of the Western ways of life.

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