I began talking with a young man outside a bookshop as I had seen him earlier, looking to the ground for money. He was poorly dressed and his clothes were grubby. Although clearly in need, he had not asked anyone for anything. He told me he has a little place where he sleeps that pretty much keeps the rain out but is hoping to be rehoused under the city’s rehousing schemes. No parents and has only just caught up with his sister. He told me that he self-harmed and I asked if he would show me his arms. I was shocked when I saw the pain etched out so clearly on his skin. He assured me he is under the Mental Health Team and is now receiving counselling and has not self-harmed for some time. His other arm was equally damaged.

I know that this could be seen as intrusive but I feel it necessary to publish the image. I did give him money for a meal and some cigarettes not in payment but because, apart from the cuddle we had, I had nothing else to give him. He is a very gentle person. I hope he survives.

14 thoughts on “INDICTMENT

    1. Thank you Leanne – it was a difficult decision because I know some will be offended, others won’t bear to look at it but of course that is why some of us are in the state the young man is in. I was so angry when I saw his arms. If you are the only person to respond to this that will be enough for me. It acknowledges his courage in sharing it with me.

      1. Well I hope they are getting the love and support they need to start to care for and about themselves. I cannot imagine having such feelings. Thanks again for your support.

      2. They certainly are and is definitely on the way to recovering. Being surrounded by love helps a lot. I hope the young man in your image can find that.

      1. My wife has just purchased Paolo Nutini’s latest album Caustic Love,(trust me, this is going somewhere), and I was listening to the track ‘Iron Sky’, on which there is Chaplin’s speech from ‘The Great Dictator’. Somehow I had never heard this before – the film had slipped beneath my radar – but I felt that this just about summed up my feelings about how we act towards one another. You may well know it, if not do take the time to find it and nave a listen.
        Take care, Chris.

      2. I know the film well and Chaplin has oft been criticised for that speech, primarily by closet fascists, as being sentimental. This was a man born into great poverty and his plea not only in the Great Dictator but in The Kid and other works seems to me heartfelt and true.
        Thanks Chris from Chris

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