6 thoughts on “REPAIR THE REPAIRS!

    1. This, Suej, is the beautiful Kirby Hall near Corby in Northamptonshire. It is one of my favourite places to go and has endless photographic opportunities. The Fractured Images are from there, as is the bull and several others. Don’t know where you are but if you can visit to. English Heritage site and just so worth a visit. Mansfield Park, with Harold Pinter, was filmed here some years ago. We arrived to find film crews and cameras all over the place. The film is well worth a watch just to see how clever they were with the sets as much of the Hall is derelict. Anyway, pardon me going on and on but can’t stop enthusing about this treasure. Take care, Chris.

      1. Many thanks, Chris..I love ruins, derelict etc etc. I am in the South East, but am hoping to see friends in Yorkshire perhaps later this year, but most likely some time next year, and plan to stop en route….so maybe a detour here! Who knows.

  1. Travel up the A1 a lot so will look out for Kirby Hall and will try and watch Mansfield Park. I live near Osterley Park and the recent Batman was filmed there but not easy to recognise the place!

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