As far as I can tell, almost no-one in this picture is looking at anyone else.  I also love the Nirvana T-Shirt although this lass was not born when Cobain died.  It is one of those teenage angst things which I am sure you experienced.  I know I did.

8 thoughts on “ALONE TOGETHER

    1. And the art of language? I have to bite my piece of wood when I hear the word ‘like’ – it is affected, covers the limited vocabulary of the speaker and is worse than most swear words to me. The image also depicts the need to be seen and heard but not heard! Ooh a bit of a rant but you understand me I think?

  1. Kids these days! I’m old now… I can say things like that.
    This could easily have been taken in the states. Our youngsters are much more homogenous now.

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