1. HI nice to meet you. Have looked on your site and some fabulous stuff but I don’t know how to find a ‘like’ button. Of course, I am a bit of a dullard with all this fancy IT.
      Thank you so much for dropping by again. Appreciate it.

      1. Thanks for having me! As for the like buttons, I think you can access them from your reader. Anyway, likes are nice, but not required. I’m just glad to have you aboard. 🙂

  1. At least they’ve yet to meet their Waterloo. (And that’s it, the only reference I know to make to an ABBA song. I’m done.)

  2. Yes, I like metal and other weird music like that, but damned if I don’t love ABBA too! And Waterloo is one of my favourites of theirs, alongside Fernando and Thank You for the Music (which is my favourite ABBA tune of all time). I don’t dance, but I might have if that lady on the left had asked me to. She looks like she was having such a good time. 🙂

    1. Well darn – if you ain’t a man of wide musical interest. And yes, both those shown here danced the night away. Me? Not so much but someone has to record it! 😉 Wo ist Ernest?

      1. You’re the observer. Every group needs one. Otherwise, who will capture those brief moments that show us what life is and can be? And, yeah, ABBA is about the only thing that makes me want to even consider dancing. (Ernest will be back in about 2 weeks.) 🙂

      2. And I like to be the observer really as my self-portraits show. Tony Single dancing to ABBA – lovin’ the image. Good to know you are working on/ with Ernest. It’s a bumpy ride but worth hanging on for. 🙂

  3. I love the spontaneity of this image. The beautiful women dancing and laughing. The mirror giving us an inside view.
    The flowered wallpaper ties it all together. Wonderful Chris!

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