16 thoughts on “‘TWAS BRILLIG

      1. I am indeed, thanks Chris. I hope you’re able to solve this little problem. I suppose I can imagine how great your images are but I suspect that won’t be nearly as good as seeing them! Ha ha! 😛

      2. Excuse me people but after an awful lot of me effing and blinding at the world about the lack of images on my blog my husband came to the rescue and sorted it out for me. He is a patient man who will try many different things – I,on the other hand, just keep clicking and banging the keys and using foul language in the hope he will hear me – which he did. Tada!

  1. I dunno – your imagination is so vivid think I will be a let down. This is a pain in the arse actually – paid for it and it is rubbish (or perhaps I do not understand what I am doing……………)

  2. Love the sky shot. ”Brillig” means 4pm, the time for broiling, according to the Wiktionary, but I can sense your interpretation. (That’s what I always said in class to my students, rather than contradicting them!)

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