12 thoughts on “NOUGHT AND CROSS

  1. Chris, “NOUGHT AND CROSS” is such a powerful image, it has been on my mind since I viewed it yesterday. I thought it was great then, now I’m convinced that it is really TERRIFIC! The impression of this photo has stayed with me, now that is a powerful image! It is so well balanced, with each quarter of the circle having its own identity. The light fixture in the left quarter of the circle (within a square, brilliant), the reinforced cross wire (on the diagonal no less) in the bottom quarter, the attempted cleaning of the top quarter, and the white band in the right quarter, amazingly centered, with smudge marks on the glass. LOVE IT! Apologies, for the length of the comment, I could go on but, you probably by now realize that I really like this piece of true artwork! Enjoy your Sunday.

    Warm wishes,

    1. I am overwhelmed by your comment and the detail in which you have studied the photograph. Without flattering myself this is the point of art – the layers, the depths and the discoveries.

      Thank you so, so much Pepper. My Sunday is even brighter now.

      Take care Chris xx

      1. Chris, I couldn’t agree more, I think you have summed up the point quite nicely, and I also think it’s okay to flatter yourself, even pat yourself on the back! Have a lovely week, please take care as well.

        Warm wishes,

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