18 thoughts on “BRIAN AND MICK

    1. They are so gentle and open. Brian, on the left, is more chatty and he said he feels it important that people in their position are not overlooked. Mick was much quieter but was happy for me to take the photo. I gave them some money, a note, and said for them to split it and that was when Brian told me they share everything and that to give to either is to give to both. I asked how long they have been friends and they said six years and then said ‘we look out for each other’. I hate that I don’t do more. I hate that they have had such sadness in their lives but I am so glad they have their friendship. I really hope I see them again. Thank you for the comment which belongs to Brian and Mick.

      1. You & I are alot alike.. we recognize goodness and regardless of someone’s situation in life, you can never fake that quality. You are a good person and they are lucky to have met you as well 🙂

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