1. This reminds me of a building I had to draw when taking an online class a few years ago. it was not fun to do and after HOURS of work, I still only got a “C”. So it’s a lovely photo but brings up too many bad memories. Haha!

  2. OK, this is gonna sound goofy but I think I see Michael Jackson on the balcony hanging his baby over it….
    Remember that one?

    Sad and Stupid.
    Sorry, I really do love your photo, but some things just pop in my head.
    I should keep them to myself.

      1. I have “lost” a lot of loves.
        Yet, never regretted the losing.
        Just sayin.
        You profess to read my shit.
        (and of course, I take thee at thy word)
        Try the “Sinai Tales’ … or perhaps ‘The Shonnie Sagas.’
        There, you may find…
        Some more…

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