I am reblogging this on my site because I am a great admirer of Tony’s work – not just his photography, or his podcasts but also his amazingly brilliant blog Crumblecult which carries his wonderful comic strips. Tony has such talent and, to my mind, is not appreciated by enough people so please, please take a magic carpet ride to the world that is his. Thank you Ladies and Gentleman!!

7 thoughts on “Cosmology

    1. Loving the hug! ☺️ Seriously, you deserve more people viewing your work and as you are not the greatest promoter of your huge talent thought we would try to help. Course, when you are famous, and therefore rich, our cut will be a very fair 90%……..😎

  1. A beautiful image Tony! Your work truly does deserve recognition. It speaks for itself.

    Thank you for sharing this Chris. I knew about Crumblecult but did not know about Tony’s photography!

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