1. Well, it is true isn’t it? I feel a bit cheeky taking a photograph of something this strange and beautiful and not being able to acknowledge the person responsible so thought i would use the title to show respect. Thank you for liking and commenting. Kind regards Chris.

    1. Ages ago I remember our cleaner at work, Sheila (employed by Social Services for years before grotty contracting came in) always used to hold court in the kitchen as we were making our cups of tea. Picasso, she avowed, drew and painted like a child – her grandson could do better and for a long time she would not be swayed from this point of view. Whether you love Picasso’s art or not, and I do, the argument has to be that he was representing an adult perspective on the world, et al. I explained that not liking something purporting to be an artwork does not mean it is not art. I can’t bear Jeff Koons’ work but I recognise that it is art to those who do like it. Sheila never did get to like Picasso but she understood what I was saying and after that we had quite a few chats about painting and painters. She was never one for sculpture or any other art form but paintings she did love and Constable was her favourite painter although she did admit to liking Turner as well. But get her started on Van Gogh and that was a whole new argument!

      1. I am totally with you on this, Chris: we would all benefit from greater acceptance of art as opposed to the dismisive ‘I don’t like it so it’s rubbish’ attitude.
        As for Koons I agree, I’m always sceptical about an ‘artist’ whose work is produced by others (then again he’s not the first). Begs the questio,’what is art?’

    1. Hi suej and thank you. I was luck to come across a whole wall of this beautiful graffiti hidden in an alleyway and easily missed. You do have to wander around the back of places sometimes….:) I just wish I knew who the artist(s) is/are.

      1. Yes, sometimes we can come across the most amazing stuff tucked away…. Were there no initials or name scrawled anywhere? Mind you, I frequently come across stuff with no name …..

  1. Love the conversation you have going on in the comments here, Chris. I’ve long believed that just because you don’t like it, doesn’t mean it’s rubbish. Personal taste and the inherent quality and/or value of something aren’t always one and the same, if that makes sense.

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