Sign of the Times-240 Image by Christine Renney

If you have ever seen Pamo’s World Comic Strip, which is funny, sharp and clever, then you will know how important the medium of the comic is to Pam and her audience. I spotted this little comic strip attached to the railings of our children’s play area and this underscores Pam’s belief in the strength of the message the pictorial can convey. This is for you Pam. (P.S. cannot name check artist as nowhere on the piece)

4 thoughts on “COMIC POWER

  1. Chris, I saw this yesterday and broke out into a full out silly grin! Love the art on the fence and especially the last line- “you wouldn’t want to be the one picking it up”.
    Thank you for the mention dear friend. You are such a bright sunny spot in this world.
    I love your art and your spirit. Can you feel my hug?!!

    1. I just loved it – it said so much about the artist – a youngster who cares about the world but who also used a very clever way of trying to improve things. Thought you would appreciate it and as I always love what you do, just had to mention your name in there because your slice of life is echoed a tiny bit here. xxxx The hug ended too soon……

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