9 thoughts on “TUNNELS

      1. Then I don’t know what everyone’s so scared of. Unless said Minitaur makes devastatingly cogent arguments in the face of commonly held fallacies. It’s something that at least the superstitious would fear (and there’s many of those about!). Can you imagine it? Having widely believed myths torn apart by a pint-sized mythical being? In a cave that’s as twisty and turny as the mind? Said. Mind. Officially. Blown.

      2. Oh, no, I was thinking of one of those Mini tours with a guide – LOL LOL LOL xx That brain cell that just flew past my window in the wind – is that one of yours? 🙂

      3. OH! I see! Well, don’t I feel silly now… 😛
        Yes, a mini tour would be very much someone just standing there taking it all in with a glance. And then being hit by a flying brain cell the size of a massive brain. 🙂

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