No image just imagination required for Raif Badawi.

Dear WordPressers

Raif Badawi, of Saudi Arabia, was today given the first 50 lashes of 1000. This barbarity is to continue for another 19 weeks. He has also been sentenced to ten years imprisonment as well as being fined for his crime.

What did he do? He wrote on his blog of the importance of freedom of thought and expression. He did not steal, maim, rape or kill anyone. His government fear his words so much they have chosen to punish him as an example in order to quieten others in that country.

Please consider supporting Raif and let him know his name and courage shine out to us all.

Thank you.
Chris Renney

4 thoughts on “No image just imagination required for Raif Badawi.

  1. History is a long and messy account of this kind of brutality against those who would speak out against… brutality. Brutality of the mind, the body, and the spirit. What Raif and others like him go through in the name of truth is absolutely barbaric, no question about it.

    1. This is so important to us all, Chris, as the control of the human will seep out like a stain across the world if we do not make our voices heard. Thank you so much for taking a look – this too is what we are here for.

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