DSC_0027. Hi some WordPress colleagues are having difficulty leaving comments on my photos – would some of you just say hello against this image? If you can’t leave a message would you e-mail me on Many thanks Chris

26 thoughts on “THEDA BARA II

  1. Huwow! (Leaving a comment was easy, but the translator seems to be having a problem.)

    Do you walk up and ask permission for a shot like this, or just do it with a 10,000mm lens? You get the BEST intimate photos of anyone I know and have such an eye for the interesting.

    1. Hi BoB BoP – I got talking to the crowd of youngsters just hanging out and then took the photos with their agreement. I do sometimes take shots of people who are unaware – it depends on what I am trying to achieve but I also love to talk and engage with people. Thanks for letting me know you were able to get through even if with some difficulty!

      1. I really admire your sense of engagement with your environment and the people you meet. I sometimes think my photos are from too far away and may be lacking a human component. I am proud of my work and development, but still, I have decided that once the spring comes I am going to start doing more urban type photos and portraiture too. Your work is inspiring me.

      2. Your photos are very good – so interesting but if you want to branch out then I know you will be a success because you have such a wonderful outlook and people will warm to that. You know I wish you luck with the new venture and thank you for your generous words.

      3. And thank you for yours. I now know why visiting Spartan Eye is such an experience… It’s not *just* the photos, but the fact that you have invested so much of yourself and who you are in them! 🙂

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