11 thoughts on “METAL FLOWERS

      1. There is art in everything – I think that (if my reading of his art is correct) most people have missed the point of Warhol’s work, it being just that; that art and design are inseparable, and that there is no hierarchy in creativity, or at least, there shouldn’t be.
        Sorry, I’m going off on one now! Main point is that I love your eye for this sort of thing, and the abstract too.

      2. And the other thing with Warhol was his take on the theological – the repetition of icons such as Jackie K, Marilyn M and Elvis always seemed to have that element of worship found in religious art, together with the worship of capitalism through Campbell’s Soup Tins. That is, all different but all the same. And the electric chair series – felt to me like the crucifix. Is It The Grand Design or just design? Sorry, you got me thinking there for a minute! Thanks Chris for your insightful comments as always.

      3. You are absolutely correct, Chris, but then I feel that Art, in the widest sense, is always at its best when it challenges our perceptions and allows us to expand ourselves. Great comment!!!

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