Chris R-1110752.jpg Image by Christine Renney

A couple of nights ago Mark and I watched two of Pablo Larrain’s films both set in the 1970s at the time of the military coup and after in Chile. Both ‘Tony Manero’ (yep, Saturday Night Fever) and ‘Post Mortem’ are impressive interpretations on what it is to have no respect for human life. In Tony Manero there is a scene where the protaganist makes a dance floor which can be lit from beneath thus enabling him to be John Travolta/Tony Manero and this reminds me of that scene. If you haven’t seen them then do – brilliant works.

11 thoughts on “DANCE FLOOR CRISIS

    1. Thou must watch them particularly Tony Manero. Check Pablo Larrain out anyway – ‘No’ and ‘The Club’. Ensemble actors who interpret Larrain’s view so well. Thought provoking and disturbing and brilliant.

  1. This wonderful image also reminds me of another film I watched recently called ‘High-Rise’ with Tom Hiddleston. I’ll have to check out the two you mentioned! 😀

    1. Yep, we’ve seen it – we are both fans of J G Ballard and really enjoyed the interpretation of his work. Do, do get to see Tony Manero – chilling and brilliant xxxx to you and Lady C

  2. I thank you again for some interesting suggestions. The only film that I am aware of about the Chilean coup, is Missing. I know there are others.

      1. Are they on Netflix? I am really intrigued by the Tony Manero film and how the American film culture and characters has succeeded in becoming so incorporated into society. Will try to find them.

      2. I have no idea because we are Luddites and have all our films on DVDs which means that our floor space is now one metre square. I have just posted on View from our Sofa my short essay on Tony Manero.

      3. I don’t get Netflix, I rent the DVD’s and the place we go has a limited selection.There are some films on youtube, but they usually don’t last too ling. There;s also a site called snagfilms. I will have to check that out.Thanks for the info on new post.

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