Number 2-0638


My hollow eyes still bleed
For those who will not come
Kneel and wonder now
Upon another’s door,
Behind my cold facade
An aching heart still loves
Arrhythmic sleepless pulse
Beats to an ancient tune.
Within my hallowed shell
Your memories I hold
Like children to the breast
And secrets never told
To me your eyes are blind
My tears are mine alone
And still I wait in vain
For those who will not come.

Poem by Chris Nelson at chrisnelson61

Image by Christine Renney and many thanks for the gift of these words to Chris N from Chris R


IMG_1368House which is on land for sale for development.  Had a look around today and just about found some windows and doors under the plethora of vegetation.  If you look carefully you will spot my silver grey head and camera.