1. I will know it is you then if we should ever meet! I do carry my Canon Power Shot all the time but the battery tends to run down quite quickly so the SLR should be with me at all times.

      2. haha! funny. yeah I have a Samsung WB30F. Got it thanks to airplane rewards! Haha. My last camera was a Canon Power Shot ELPH. The wi-fi never worked for me so I always have to hard wire in that USB cable. Couldn’t it to work. How do you process your digital photos? Just curious.

      3. Smart! Haha. Man…I gotta find a less time consuming way. I’m going to study film photography so I won’t need a USB cord soon! Have a good day and keep on shooting!

      4. Excellent news that you are going to study film photography – whose work do you like? Greg Toland on Citizen Kane and Stagecoach very very interesting. And you keep shooting too Allison. Take good care.

      5. Thanks for the well wishes, Chris! I love Richard Avedon’s work and as well Diane Arbus’ work. I love portraiture that’s very unconventional 🙂 I also am a fan of Bradon Stanton’s work too. Love Humans of New York. How about you? I do like Citizen Kane but I am unfamiliar with Greg Toland. A very good film! I have to say: Rose Bud! LOL. My film studies made me do that. Take care!

      1. He just came out with “Little Humans” book 🙂 my friend got me the Humans of New York book. I’m looking forward to reading it.

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