9 thoughts on “LONELINESS AS WE AGE

    1. Raymond does indeed have a story to tell but it is who will listen to him or any of us as we become less able. We need to care for each other don’t we?

      1. This is true, but sadly the pressures of the society in which we live, and the value (or lack of) which is afforded the elderly/ infirm often stand in the way of this happening.

      2. I used to work in Adult Care for Social Services and time and again it was the lack of contact which was the cause of so many problems. I wish we were more daring in the way we perceive care needs.

  1. Very cool portrait. Lots of juxtapositions. Crazy decorative mirror. That small ship sitting on top of the picture in the background. Raymond bottom center with all that empty space around him. Whew…

    1. Thank you so much for the comment – it is very welcome. I am still thinking about the ‘small green prayer flags’ in your piece ‘Emerging’ and have a couple of photographs inspired by this. I may post one and reference your work if that is okay with you. Thanks again.

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