The gentleman in the straw hat was trying to make conversation with anyone who wouid listen to him. Unfortunately he was viewed with suspicion although nothing he said gave any indication that he was someone to be afraid of. It was because he was a little ‘different’ although aren’t we all? I find our attitude to those in society who have an outlook that does not match our own very upsetting.

8 thoughts on “DON’T YOU SEE ME?

  1. There used to be a chap in Wolverhampton who had suffered some trauma (I can’t remember what) who used to walk the town dressed as a cowboy. He too was regarded with derision or suspicion. Sad, really.

    1. And so do I but I do try not to and some people are not pleasant but there is good in most of us if we care to peel some layers away. Thanks Pam for coming to see the site. Regards Christine

      1. Yes Chris, I agree. Thank you for the reminder- I needed to hear it. You are a lovely person and I’m glad the world has people like you in it. I’m honored to be here. Thank YOU.

      2. Oh Pam, people will start to talk…..I can be a right old witch at times (ooh I feel a comic strip coming on)! Ask Mark…..
        You are a grand gal too and Pamo’s world is a sheer delight. I am really pleased to be in it. Love Chris x

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