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Mark was looking for the new Dave Rawlings album (which we now know is released at the end of this week) and so I sat outside and decided to take photos of people sitting on the bench opposite. What is it about personal space that we try and sit as far away as possible from another human being? Even in the last photo, which shows a couple, the middle seat is designated for the shopping bags – again, the threat to security. As for me, I sat in the middle of my bench and so people were forced to sit next to me and I got talking to them. Also Mark was ages but it turns out that was because I was chatting and he ain’t no chatter!Sign of the Times-0695



The gentleman in the straw hat was trying to make conversation with anyone who wouid listen to him. Unfortunately he was viewed with suspicion although nothing he said gave any indication that he was someone to be afraid of. It was because he was a little ‘different’ although aren’t we all? I find our attitude to those in society who have an outlook that does not match our own very upsetting.