1. The wheels of commerce at work. I understand that holiday spending keeps people in jobs, but a lot of people go overboard. This has been a trend that has been happening for some time. It was not so much like this when I was younger.

    1. We have to take stock – yes, we need people in work but we do not need so much ‘stuff’. If population growth would just slow down therein lies at least a percentage of the answer.

      1. I am in agreement with population group, but many religions encourage large families and are against birth control. Some people are not comfortable with the idea of population control, I guess they see t as an ethical issue and a personal freedom choice, but people should be responsible and realize we are living in a finite world, that we are quickly destroying.
        I wish we could get over the insatiable need to acquire more and more, of what we think is better. The rate of technology increases so quickly, something six months old is obsolete. How far can we push that?

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