12 thoughts on “NO CRIB FOR A BED

    1. I so agree. I have suggested money be given to charities instead of being bought ‘stuff’ that I really don’t need but people don’t want to do that. I must be more resolute.

  1. The gap gets wider and those who with stand risk falling through
    It’s so sad that life has a very short memory
    But this is how it is
    You do what you can when you can
    You gave me something to think about
    As always Sheldon

  2. Here in the US, the guy would be ticketed and jailed and his belongings tossed away. It will get worse now.

      1. Thank you, you are one of a handful that feels that way, which is my sentiment exactly. I hear people cry and moan about poor people, and how it’s just a never ending cycle, because of so-called government handouts, and entitlement mentality. It pisses me off that people feel that way, because it can easily happen to anyone. No one is really 100# secure, unless you are a billionaire, and we know they have no ethical or moral bounds.

  3. Is it the man who hasn’t any shelter homeless
    Or is it the man who has shelter
    Who is homeless
    I know it may seem obvious
    But just the same a question
    Still comes to mind
    The Sheldon Perspective

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