1. Dearest Jana – on Christmas morning the BBC show the (pre-recorded) Carols from Kings College. I do not have a faith but when you hear the voices of the boys whose notes ring out with such purity and clarity well, I believe in something then. Enjoy the season to be you much love from both of us xxx

      1. I bet. The new architecture can not come close to the old. It was built, not just for practicality, but individuality. Now everything pretty much looks the same, concrete and glass, no artistry or imagination. It would be different if it were functional; say solar powered, or self sustaining like having communal gardens. Something that can function and serve more than one purpose. But the old architecture was done by craftsmen, true artisans.

      2. I like some of it, but the older has withstood so much. It’s a testament to the craftsmen that built it, probably under not to easy conditions.

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