DSC_0018I was awandering through a nearby ‘city’ and saw a group of young people just chilling out and I asked If I might take some photos.  Most agreed, some (like this lady) tried to hide and others put their hoods over their heads (or rather one bloke did).  I also got lectured by a young woman, not of the group(s), and asked why I was photographing them and that I should ask their permission and also that I should explain the what and the why to them.  Which I had.  Now I am all for respecting privacy and understand that the internet is a nasty place at times but so is the real world.  I know she was trying to ensure their safety but God she was pompous.

Anyway took a few and will be posting these quite quickly as some of those pictured took the website address.

Thank you to all of you who participated.



    1. Actually a beautifully made up young woman – I think Boy George used to use the Japanese Kabuki style of makeup and this is very similar – it is like painting and it is an artwork in itself. And thanks for your very generous comment because you are a wonderful photographer so it means a lot. xx

  1. I agree with your first commenter. If the dissenter understood the quality of your photography, she would have realized you have the utmost respect for your subjects.
    I’m sure it’s difficult to put some subjects at ease, but I applaud you for going the extra mile to get these shots. They are brilliant!
    This young lady is beautiful.

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