14 thoughts on “THEDA BARA GANG

  1. Brilliant. Love all the emotion you’ve captured here. What is your process? Do you just randomly snap away or do you talk to your subjects first?

    1. Again thank you. Sometimes I am sneaky but with this group of photos I asked them if they would participate in my blog. They were all so charming and happy to let me ‘in’ with them. Really nice young people.

      1. Good sports. It is really a great picture that speaks of how young people create identities and masks. I was wondering because I have been thinking of branching out to photographing people. I think I want to talk to them so I don’t treat them like objects but I kind of worry that all the spontaneity will dissolve ….

      2. Well, that is a problem but if you want/ need to get in there you have no choice but to accept it won’t have that snapped unawares look but then it does have the interaction between the subject and the photographer. On the other hand, I have taken many shots where people had no idea and have managed to capture some interesting images. Be prepared to do both and enjoy. šŸ™‚

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