DSC_0632This gentleman is a Franciscan monk – we have never seen them before in Bradford but this last trip we saw two monks.  Their church is right next door to the Islam Centre in the city, which I think is what a multicultural society is about and shows a positive and healthy attitude to different belief systems, if you participate in any.  He was very charming, an American, and spoke with us for a short while about his church.  After we parted a company another couple asked us what he had told us – they live in Bradford but have never wanted to approach any of the monks they see.  Odd to me because I will talk to (almost) anyone.

12 thoughts on “THE MONK

  1. It’s interesting that someone would be afraid to speak to a monk – the most harmless and open person – a person that (in most cases) is here to speak to people about his beliefs.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. I was watching ‘Imagine’ the other evening about Vivian Maier, and a lot of her portraiture reminded me of your work, Chris. Your pictures are full of life and stories.

    1. Well, how strange. We missed the Imagine but did see the film, Finding Vivian Maier, whilst in Bradford and we thought her work so interesting. To compare me to her is very special. Mark says she was a strange and fearless woman and photographer, but in a good way……..

      1. From what I saw I would have to agree. Good to see someone who produced art for its own sake (and hers I guess) though. Must try to catch the film sometime.

      2. Do and let us know which you think is the better of the two. So glad that her work was not just consigned to the rubbish heap but it makes you shudder to think how much inspirational art has been lost that way.

  3. He reminded me of a drawing of Gandalf. On another point, I bet you wouldn’t talk to me…I’m a LOT scarier than this dude!!!

    All joking aside, I loved your comment about his church being next to the Islamic center and that this is what a multicultural society is all about. 100% agree.

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