Chris R-0613 Image by Christine Renney

We have just returned from a week at Borderlines Film Festival and some of the films we saw were by Andrei Tarkovsky who is described as one of the great film directors, and we are not arguing with that statement at all. STALKER is a study of human belief systems and needs, science and art. Which is most important to our wellbeing?


DSC_0632This gentleman is a Franciscan monk – we have never seen them before in Bradford but this last trip we saw two monks.  Their church is right next door to the Islam Centre in the city, which I think is what a multicultural society is about and shows a positive and healthy attitude to different belief systems, if you participate in any.  He was very charming, an American, and spoke with us for a short while about his church.  After we parted a company another couple asked us what he had told us – they live in Bradford but have never wanted to approach any of the monks they see.  Odd to me because I will talk to (almost) anyone.