Chris R-0613 Image by Christine Renney

We have just returned from a week at Borderlines Film Festival and some of the films we saw were by Andrei Tarkovsky who is described as one of the great film directors, and we are not arguing with that statement at all. STALKER is a study of human belief systems and needs, science and art. Which is most important to our wellbeing?

12 thoughts on “STALKER

    1. You so must! Tarkovsky was exiled by the USSR and made his last two films inItaly and Sweden. Bergman rated his work highly. They are brilliant, poetic ruminations on the human state. Go, go, seek him out and love him 😊

    1. And greetings to you. So glad another fan of the film is riding along with me – Stalker is one of the best ever, in my opinion. Had only seen it on DVD until the festival and it was good to see those images on the big screen. Best wishes Chris 😊

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