Sign of the Times-0137 Image by Christine Renney 2015

I spoke with this very dedicated and personable young man who is saturated in empathy and a sense of responsibility toward those most affected by the appalling actions of City banks and their employees who still have not paid for the damage they have caused. Instead, the Government in this country seeks to blame and punish the poor, yet again, for the greed of the few.
He had been camping out for a few days before being hassled by the local police, who asked him for his name and date of birth. When he refused, they told him that he looked (without the mask obviously) like a man who was wanted for burglary. When he gave them the information they said he was not the man they were looking for. Well, if they have that much detail then they knew who they were looking for and it would hardly be a lone guy camping out by the castle walls, now would it? He was served a summons to appear in court for trespass.
This is fascism. He was not harming anyone, he hadn’t approached anyone. He was just carrying out a silent protest. I am grateful to him for doing what I could not.


  1. Sadly a political situation that has only worsened since the Thatcher regime – was that really thirty-five years ago? Unfortunately we now seem to have no viable alternative as all prospective power bases now appear solely self-serving. Revoultion???

    1. When I die what, exactly, will I take with me? And yet we are supposed to embrace capitalism and treat as the Saviour. Maggie Thatcher and her ilk have almost won – let’s hope Ed M., who I truly believe to be an old fashioned socialist, gets in and is allowed to act as he knows he must. Thanks Chris! Just back at working full time and am suffering so may be a bit late in catching up with your latest.

  2. Agreed, we have the same problem here in the United States. Our biggest banks essentially got a free pass to continue doing damage to our country. Very sad indeed, the world needs more people like him to stand up for what it right.

  3. Bravo, yes we need the majority of people to be like this man. Stand up, and don’t let them do what they have done, and keep doing. It will get worse now

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