My dear mum – 01.06.1922 to 05.05.2015

Sign of the Times-1110781 Image by Christine Renney

She always had a bra strap showing! Not intentional I may add but just very narrow shoulders that still managed to carry our family forward.

27 thoughts on “My dear mum – 01.06.1922 to 05.05.2015

  1. Deepest sympathies, she was a lovely lady, reunited with so many others we have all lost. There will be a knees up when they all get together . Pat xx

  2. Great photo with the wedding showing all those years your Mum had managed for you all. Sad and a generation passing but hopefully the memories and the love keeps us going strong too.

  3. Chris, I had not known that we too shared in this, losing a parent in May. Ninety-three and clearly beautiful every day of those years.

    What was it you said to me that moved me so much? That my post was as stardust to you? Well, to me, yours is a radiant glow of love, sadness and happiness. I understand.


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