Chris R-0406 Image by Christine Renney

I do not have a faith because, as a woman, I know that everything the faithful are taught starts with the notion that woman is subservient. There is no choice if the only choice is between what different men say. However, in a world that is showing such hatred of anything different to the ‘I’ then I support those courageous enough not to be swayed by it.

10 thoughts on “BLUE GIRL

    1. Thank you Chris. Sometimes I get confused between what is right and wrong about faith because I believe it is merely a device to give a meaning to life in all its different aspects when really there is no meaning at all.

  1. A very provocative photo Chris. To be so covered up standing next to a physical entity of such magnitude and beauty. Your photo captures something profound. Personally I’ve always considered that the freedoms I have as a woman, living where I do in comparison, gives me an inherent responsibility. I actually have the opportunity to explore beyond what is agreed upon.

    1. Thank you Jana and as always an informed and gracious comment. We do have to take responsibility for each other and to stand together with those who suffer a prejudice unknown to us.

  2. Thanks Chris. Yes, we need to stand together and this picture is a beautiful example. I try not to make a judgement about a life that I can’t know, can’t really imagine. Women are inherently strong. We find ways, we make do, we continue the whole human race with what ever is handed to us. Not bad…

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