Chris R-0320-2 Image by Christine Renney/Bradford May 2018



Chris R-0406 Image by Christine Renney

I do not have a faith because, as a woman, I know that everything the faithful are taught starts with the notion that woman is subservient. There is no choice if the only choice is between what different men say. However, in a world that is showing such hatred of anything different to the ‘I’ then I support those courageous enough not to be swayed by it.



I was in a nearby town and saw two young Muslim women and asked if I might take their photo. One declined but the other was happy to pose. Suddenly, a chap asked if we would like to go inside the Mosque and take some photos. This gentleman very kindly agreed to me taking his photo whilst he was at prayer. We have been invited back any time and will take them up on it.