11 thoughts on “FENCE

      1. You say ‘simple’, but internally you had these thoughts crafted, and the weight of words in conjunction with your image can be potent. I look forward to more!

      2. What a wonderful teacher you must be – you always seek out the positive actions in people’s work – you will be like Mr Eavis who I remember as an inspiring and motivating teacher.

      3. I don’t know about that, but I do try. I do think that most things ( I’d love to be able to say all) have a positive side and I’d like to think that I do my best to help people see that. It’s true what they say, though – you never forget the best teachers. Thank you, Chris, you’ve bouyed me up for another week!

  1. What are all those lurid, garish things emanating from the photo? Oh yes, they’re colors. I’m shocked! 🙂

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