Chris R-0972 Image by Christine Renney

This is a portrait of a very talented poet, Anthony Anaxagorou, whom we saw and listened to, at the Bradford Literature Festival last weekend. He was commissioned to write a modern day piece inspired by Dante’s Inferno from the Divine Comedy. Breathtaking. We also heard him read other of his works at a Poetry slam where several other poets read including the mighty Linton Kwesi Johnson.
A wonderful experience.


Sign of the Times-Sign of the Times-0001Sign of the Times-0002Sign of the Times-0003

“Donald” was a gentleman I met, through my work, many years ago. He was chivalrous, adored women and the female form, the walls and ceiling of his home were dedicated to his art. He also wrote poetry and wanted to share this with Mark and me. Hence this little comic strip. I have to say, “Donald’s” art and poetry were much, much better than his driving and particularly his complete abandonment of the Highway Code. I was very fond of him and remember him with a smile.


Sign of the Times-0682 Image by Christine Renney at Bradford Literature Festival

FIRST BRADFORD LITERATURE FESTIVAL – Mark saw this was on and, although we only had couple of days, we went to Bradford and spent an hour or so in the company of four fine poets – left to right: John Siddique, Lemn Sissay, Jo Bell and Brian Patten. It was wonderful! Next year more days will be spent there.