A few of you already know how important this film is to me and at last I have a short essay to share.


cropped-cropped-chris-r-0844.jpg Image by Christine Renney

TONY MANERO (2008) – Directed by Pablo Larrain

This, the first film of what is now termed ‘The Chilean Trilogy’ by Larrain, is a riveting examination of what it is to be ambitious to such an extent that the lives of others hold no worth to the protaganist.

Raul, played by Alfredo Castro who appears in all three of the films, is obsessed by the character of Tony Manero in ‘Saturday Night Fever’, and aspires not just to imitate him but to become him. He leads a small, amateur dance troupe which performs in a café/bar to a few admirers of his ‘art‘. Raul is disinterested in the other members of the group (a mother, Cony, her daughter, Pauli, and Pauli’s boyfriend, Goya), except when they showcase his ‘talent’ and this is paramount. He is a cold character who is strangely desired by Cony and Pauli…

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