I am reblogging this in the hope a few more will read it and seek out this interesting and affecting film.


chris-r-0736 Image by Mark Renney

WADJDA (2012) – Written and Directed by Haifaa al-Mansour

Wadjda is not only delightful but also an immensely interesting study of the role of women within Saudi Arabian society and the cultural issues which, in the most conservative and religious households, render them virtually voiceless. Indeed, they are constantly being reminded not to raise their voices so that men may hear them speak.

Wadjda is a young schoolgirl who is naturally rebellious – despite it being very much frowned upon she is friends with Abdullah, a boy of her own age whose admiration for Wadjda leads him to declare, toward the end of the film, his intention to marry her. Abdullah, being male, and I use the word advisedly, has all the advantages – he teases Wadjda but also gives her gifts. However, her real interest is that he has a bike and can use it…

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One thought on “WADJDA

  1. This sounds like a good glimpse into that society and their customs. Their treatment of women is atrocious. I am all for people believing in whatever they want, but not when it infringes on basic human rights and decency. What are these men so afraid of, what makes them think they are any better than women? I know the indoctrination starts from the day they are born, and it is belief system that does not seem to be wiling to change and adapt, or value human life.

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