Number 2-0385

Obviously, I already knew Space Oddity and the strange beauty of Bowie but one night, in late December 1971, I got on the bus home from Bedford where I met up with my friend Heather. Heather was cool – she worked in the record department W.H.Smiths and she was clutching a bag with a vinyl album in it.
‘Oh’, she said, ‘this is the GREATEST thing I have ever heard – been playing it in the shop all day. You must come round.’ So I got off the bus at her stop and went to her house where I ended up staying the night after listening to Hunky Dory for what seemed hours and hours and not getting bored.

This weekend I have been listening to Black Star and it made me think about ageing and fading and I thought ‘this is vintage Bowie’ and so it is.

I am so sad that we have lost him and his unique take on our world. No doubt, he is hand in hand with Major Tom now, floating together in the tin can.

I saw this graffiti in MK a few months ago and had to take it as it is also from the Flight the Conchords which I love too.

Sayonara David.

11 thoughts on “BLACK STAR

      1. Hiya, Chris. When you post your work there is an icon which looks like a chain link. Click on this and it opens a page where you can paste a link. Honestly it’s easy! Hope this helps, and thanks!

  1. I’m a huge fan of the late great Mr Bowie and the Conchords, so I teared up a little bit at your photo. Kind of difficult to believe in the impossible… the impossible being that David is no longer with us. He felt like someone who would actually live forever… just because he was David Bowie.

    1. I know – he should always be here. Let us drink to him each 8 January and celebrate his birthday. I shall always remember it because I gave up smoking on that day six years ago! Love the Conchords too and love the LOTR spoof although Brett was in it.

    1. I dyed my hair and had it cut like his when I was 17 and wore satin jackets with stars and moons on. I would never have believed how sad his death would make me.

    1. Well bless the little tinkers who did this – I took it some time ago and just kept hold of it. Do take a look – I have been posting for a while now. I am technically illiterate so get lost when people go into that side of things but I like doing what I do – it is how I see the world, Alex, just as you see it in your way.

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